Adventure Worlds “Kugelwald am Glungezer”



“Kugelwald am Glungezer”

New family fun at an unusual children’s adventure playground in the Tyrol: Big wooden balls run for 350 meters through the high forest along channels made of stone pine. A new mountain adventure playground at 1,560-m above sea level in the Tyrolean Alps has been opened in Summer 2012: Children place wooden balls, similar to bowling balls, in wide channels. As on a roller coaster, the balls roll along the channels from tree to tree, disappear into a hollow trunk, climb up a steep stretch or jump right over the ground into the next section. The idea is totally simple, yet quite ingenious.

Pure nature

­The “Kugelwald am Glungezer” ball run is located directly next to the “Halsmarter” lift station at 1,567 m above sea level. ­ It is where one of Europe’s largest populations of stone pine begins. Thus, it was a matter of course that the unique stone pines should be incorporated in the ball run. During the initial construction phase, around 20 solid cubic meters of stone pine were processed for the Kugelwald facility. During at least 600 hours of voluntary work, local carpenters erected the tracks, ramps, stairs and the house directly on site. In a natural state and with its constitutional effects, visitors can now enjoy the stone pine as oversized playing equipment. Apart from several mounting elements, only natural wood grown in a natural environment has been used at the facility.


eingetragen am 11. September 2018

ACHTUNG: Vom 2. bis 4.09.2019 ist die Straße zwischen Hall - Tulfes wegen Bauarbeiten gesperrt. Umleitung über Ampass - Aldrans - Rinn - Tulfes.


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