Adventure Worlds of "Kugelwald am Glungezer" - the biggest wooden ball run facility in the world

Sustainability and regionality

Local wood, local manpower and the alliance between tourism team, agricultural assocation, local commune and mountain lift operators provide the basis for an adventure land, which is unique with regard to the realisation and use. Except for work performed on the supporting trees, the construction of the installations did not involve any environmental intervention. An existing forest trail enabled access during construction. The facility can be used without any external form of power supply. The access to the Kugelwald am Glungezer facility is also completely ecological: One can easily travel from Tulfes to the mountain adventure facility on foot or with the chair lift.


The biggest wooden ball run facility in the world

The tracks stretch over a distance of more than 200 metres at various heights and angles between the weathered pine, fir and spruce trees on Mount Glungezer near Hall in Tirol. For the high start, the ball is taken up in the cable lift, the inclined lift or set off from the tree house, which stands on stilts at the centre of the app. 7000² large playground. Further installations for the wooden stone pine ball run, featuring sound elements, acrobatics and sport stations, are being developed for spring 2012. Building enthusiasts of all sizes will really enjoy the oversized "forest construction set" with half - standards ans large stone pine blocks. Creating a customised ball run is not only fun, especially when working together with other aspiring "architects", but also requires a certain amount of strength and fantasy.


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